Welcome to The Curved Molding Shop

At THE CURVED MOLDING SHOP we supply beautiful curved moldings at an affordable price. As the demand for curved moldings has increased we have become one of the top suppliers of curved molding in our area. Our most popular request is for half-round moldings, elliptical moldings, eyebrow moldings and ovals. We are capable of creating any type of curve you desire for windows, doorways or archways. We also supply curved wooden jambs for all sizes and shapes of windows.

Our wooden moldings are produced as one piece with no finger joints and will be shipped in two to three weeks after we receive your order. All of our curved moldings are custom made using your exact measurements or drawings. Our curved moldings can be made of any species of wood and we carry all standard profiles and can match any custom profile you may desire. We use only the finest kiln dried lumber and our curved moldings can be shipped nationwide.

Why us

At THE CURVED MOLDING SHOP we do one thing. We make curved moldings. It is our goal to create the highest quality one piece wooden moldings at an affordable price. We are always available to discuss your needs in order to ensure your satisfaction. That is what we do. Look around and compare. We believe you will be back.